Premium Ceramic Coating Service in Auburn, AL

Our professional ceramic coating services in Auburn, AL, will enhance your vehicles appearence and protect it from the elements. We specialize in applying industry-leading ceramic coatings like Gyeon and IGL to offer a long-lasting barrier that improves gloss and protects against environmental elements. Our expert specialists assure precise application, resulting in a durable, hydrophobic finish that retains the appearance of your vehicle. Trust us to improve the beauty and protection of your vehicle, making it stand out on Auburn’s roads with a beautiful and sturdy ceramic-coated finish.

Ceramic Coating: What is it?

Ceramic coating, a cutting-edge automotive solution, involves applying a liquid polymer that cures into a transparent, protective layer on a vehicle’s exterior. This shields against contaminants, UV rays, enhances gloss and simplifies cleaning. A hydrophobic finish provides durable, long-lasting protection, while making regular washing easier and quicker. Ideal for preserving aesthetics, ceramic coating is a high-performance solution for enthusiasts seeking to elevate and safeguard their vehicle’s exterior.

Is Ceramic Coating worth it?

Ceramic coating is worth the investment for enthusiasts looking for long-lasting paint protection, improved shine, and easier maintenance. It delivers long-term benefits by protecting a vehicle’s appearance and making detailing easier.
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Introduction About IGL

IGL Coatings is a market leader in environmentally friendly, high-performance surface protection systems. IGL is known for its innovative ceramic coatings that provide outstanding durability, water repellency, and environmental sustainability. IGL, which both professionals and enthusiasts trust, sets industry standards for automotive and industrial surface maintenance.

Introduction About GYEON

GYEON is a leading brand in the vehicle care sector, known for its cutting-edge ceramic coating solutions. GYEON coatings are renowned for their durability, chemical resistance, and hydrophobic qualities, providing outstanding protection and a gorgeous finish. GYEON sets the bar for innovative car care technology and is trusted by detailing experts worldwide.

Our ceramic coating packages

Discover perfection with our ceramic coating packages, designed to give long-lasting protection, improved aesthetics, and simple maintenance. Choose from our ceramic coating packages to enhance the appearance and longevity of your vehicle.
Clean Auto Detailers LLC's Ceramic Coating Package 1

2 Year Ceramic Coating Package

This package includes:

  • Full decontamination wash
  • Clay bar
  • All Exterior paint coated
  • Headlights and tail lights coated
  • Add Machine polishing starting at $99+
Clean Auto Detailers LLC's Ceramic Coating Service Package 2

5 Year Ceramic Coating Package

This package includes:

  • Full decontamination wash
  • Clay bar
  • All exterior paint coated
  • Headlights and tail lights coated
  • Single stage polish paintwork
  • Windshield coating included
  • FREE 2 week post maintenance wash included

Windshield Coating

Starting at $79

Wheel Ceramic Coating

Starting at $45 per wheel


What is the purpose of a ceramic coating?

A ceramic coating preserves the paint on a car by forming a tough, hydrophobic layer that repels impurities and improves shine.

How long does a ceramic coating last?

A ceramic coating’s lifetime varies, although it can last from one to several years, depending on the product and upkeep.

Can a ceramic coating be applied to any vehicle surface?

Ceramic coatings provide comprehensive protection and improvement and can be applied to various surfaces, including paint, glass, wheels, and trim.

Transform your vehicle with our expert ceramic coating services. Call (334) 647-4711 to schedule; we come to you every day from 7 AM to 7 PM. Elevate your car’s aesthetics and protection with our ceramic coatings. Contact us now and experience high-quality detailing at your doorstep with Clean Auto Detailers.