Superior Exterior Car Detailing Services in Auburn, AL

Enhance your vehicle’s attractiveness with Clean Auto Detailers‘ exceptional exterior detailing services in Auburn, AL. OOur expert experts use cutting-edge procedures and high-quality supplies to restore and enhance every part of your vehicle’s appearance. Trust us to deliver thorough care that brings out the true brilliance of your vehicle, ensuring it shines out with a showroom-worthy finish on Auburn’s roads.

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About Exterior Detailing

Exterior detailing is a rigorous process to improve a car’s appearance. Our skilled experts use innovative procedures and excellent supplies to repair defects, protect the paint, and restore the overall aesthetic appeal. This full service assures a gleaming, showroom-worthy finish, which improves the vehicle’s curb appeal and longevity.

Top Three Advantages of Exterior Detailing

Enhance your vehicle’s allure with exterior detailing. These top advantages include improved aesthetics, Protection Against Elements, and increased resale value.

Improves Aesthetics

Exterior detailing improves aesthetics significantly by improving paint clarity and restoring overall appearance. Our careful technique ensures your vehicle has a polished, showroom-worthy finish that captivates and increases its visual appeal on Auburn, AL, roadways.

Protection Against Elements

Exterior detailing provides strong environmental protection, preserving your vehicle’s paint from UV radiation, road salts, and pollutants. This defense not only retains the cosmetic appeal of your vehicle but also ensures its longevity by protecting it from the effects of a severe environment.

Boost Resale Value

Exterior detailing increases resale value significantly by restoring and preserving a vehicle’s clean appearance. A well-preserved exterior, free of flaws, leaves a lasting impression, raising perceived value and market appeal and perhaps increasing resale value.

What Exterior Detailing Offers

Exterior detailing provides a thorough transformation for your vehicle. Our skilled specialists improve paint clarity and safeguard against environmental forces. As a result, the finished product is polished and showroom-worthy, captivating passersby. Aside from aesthetics, this method extends paint life, protects against the elements, and increases resale value. Clean Auto Detailers in Auburn, AL, provides outstanding exterior detailing services that enhance the appearance of your vehicle while protecting its value over time.

Standard Wash
Standard Wash
Pro Exterior Detail
Brighten and Coat Detail
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Standard Wash

Starting at $69+

Experience the Basics:

Treat your vehicle to a refreshing pre-rinse, a luxurious foam cannon wash, and meticulous attention to wheels, tires, and bug remo

Exterior Detailing Service at Clean Auto Detailers LLC

Pro Exterior Detail

Starting at $139+

Unveil the Pro Touch:

Elevate your vehicle with an extensive pre-rinse, foam cannon wash, inner wheel cleaning, glass treatment, door jamb wipe down, iron decontamination, and a protective paint sealant application.

Exterior Detailing Service at Clean Auto Detailers LLC

Brighten and Coat Detail

Starting at $400+

Indulge in Brilliance:

Luxuriate in a comprehensive pre-rinse, foam cannon wash, wheel and tire care, glass treatment, streak-free windshield, iron decontamination,  a single-stage paint enhancement, full clay bar treatment, door jambs, and a protective 6 month paint sealant!

Exterior Detailing Add-Ons

  • Engine Bay DetailEngine Bay Detail- Have your engine bay detailed and shining just like the rest of your vehicle! Includes engine dressing/protectant.
  • Headlight RestoreBring back crystal clarity to your headlights and improve night time visibility.
  • Wheel PolishingRid your wheels of stubborn water spots and light scratches.


How often should exterior detailing be done?

Depending on environmental exposure, every 3-6 weeks, maintains a pristine appearance and protects against wear.

What does exterior detailing include?

It covers cleaning, polishing, and protective treatments to restore and enhance a vehicle’s paint, trim, and overall exterior.

Does exterior detailing protect against environmental damage?

Protective treatments shield the vehicle’s paint from UV rays, contaminants, and harsh elements, preserving its appearance and integrity over time.
Our highest-quality exterior mobile detailing service in Auburn, AL, can completely transform your vehicle. Schedule an appointment by calling (334) 647-4711. We are available daily from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Our professional technicians offer outstanding detailing to your door, ensuring your vehicle’s exterior exudes showroom-worthy brightness. Clean Auto Detailers provides an unrivaled mobile service that improves curb appeal and preserves the beauty of your vehicle with precision and ease.